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Welcome to your nature sanctuary

Wetlands Estates | Gamuda Cove

Waterfront homes by the wetlands

Wetlands Estates | Gamuda Cove

The Malaysian wetlands are special; a unique ecology so extremely rare that it's only 3% of planet Earth's total land mass area. If you are seeking the rare and the special, your search ends here.

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where luxury is inspired by
the overarching wilderness

Wetlands Estates | Gamuda Cove

Nature's Luxurious Landscape

Bond your soul with nature by taking a simple stroll amongst the one-of-a-kind view of the wetlands landscape. Where your home is built to seamlessly fuse with the outdoors, this is the place where you get to savour every moment of the timeless bliss that you've inherited.

Your contemporary hideaway fused with flavours of nature

A breath of fresh design in a country home

*Artist's Impression Only

Only for the
discerning few

The gift of time at the palm of your hands

Sustainable Development

Nature sanctuary meets smart city

Gamuda Cove is a new 1,530-acre modern smart township set next to wetlands and forest reserves in Southern Klang Valley.

Inherit the gift of time